In school

Me and my favorite Swede Emma in Hawaii, miss it!
I'm in school right now and don't have our amazing Swedish letters, so thought I would write this post in English. I have yearbook right now and as usual we are pretty much not doing anything, so thought I could blog instead of just sit around.
Yesterday it was just school and practice just as usual, think I told the story about how Brennan asked me to prom at least 20 times and I'm really excited about everything that's comming up right now. Nothing special happened all day really, ignored my homework and fell even further behind in English but I can just finish that over the weekend instead. Didn't even have energy to blog so I was just watching movies and spent time with my hostfamily.
So happy it's Friday today, so done with school so you don't even understand. Don't have any plans for the weekend yet, most of my friends have a meet tomorrow and I have an orientation with YFU but that's pretty much it so far. Hope you're having a great day people, love!


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