In school

Since I'm sitting in English class at the moment I might as well write this post in English. I'm supposed to write an essay but I'm not really feeling it right now so I'm just gonna write it at home this weekend.
Didn't update yesterday because I didn't even sit by the computer once. Had school and practice as normal, freshmen and sophomores had a meet and the rest of us did a workout but it was not many people there so it was pretty chill. Got home and did an attempt to do homework but it didn't really work out so I did it during 2nd hour today instead. Brennan came over for a couple of hours and other than that I didnn't really do anything, waited for Lauren to come home from the meet so I could hear how that went but they didn't get back until like 11.30.
Only one more class after this and then it's time for practice again, probably pretty easy since we have a meet again tomorrow. For some people that will be the 4th meet in a week which really sucks! Tonight me, Brennan, Zack and Lauren are going to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and I'm really excited! I know it has been in the movies for a while in Sweden now but here it just came out yesterday and what I've heard it's really good. 
Now I'm gonna go back to looking like I'm actually doing something (well everyone is sleeping in this class right now and Dulac doesn't even care so it's whatever). I'm sending a thought to my grandpa and my sister at home that I know are having a hard time right now, love you both! 
44 days until my family comes, 57 days until I leave the U.S


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